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The Playbus Company is really pleased and proud to have worked in partnership with PowerPlay Party Bus for the design, development and creation of this Playbus.  We wish Cindy and her team great success with the project and know that children and families will have a very enjoyable time on PowerPlay Party Bus.    

The Playbus Company specialises in the conversion of double decker and single decker buses into comprehensive mobile play centres and leisure facilities.

The Playbus Company has over 30 years’ experience within the leisure and play industry. Using this experience and the latest design techniques, The Playbus Company creates unique leisure and play space within retired double decker or single decker buses.

We specialise in play conversions but also offer leisure and education conversions including:

  • Community Hubs
  • Education Facilities
  • School Facilities & Projects
  • Sports Facilities
  • Gaming Facilities
  • Charity Projects & Facilities

With each playbus built to current British and European standard BS EN 1176/77. Take a look at some of our latest builds – see 

We customise each bus to your specifications and these mobile buildings can become an invaluable marketing tool when decorated with your business logos and contact details.

We are always happy to speak to you regarding your requirements or projects. Please contact us via

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Design & Development Director

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